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At JBA our goal is always to enhance your vehicle’s power, handling, brakes and more. But we can also service your vehicle by providing repairs, replacements, and routine service to keep your classic or new vehicle running in top condition. Let us evaluate your vehicle’s electrical, air conditioning, alignment, tuning and more. We also provide upgrades to aftermarket parts including lowering, big brake kits, and five and six speed transmission swaps. From early muscle cars to late model performance vehicles, JBA wants to help you make your ride the best it can be.


Bring us your cool street machine that only true Hot Rod enthusiasts know how to work on. We specialize in late-model engine and drive train swaps. Lets us put one of our JBA Performance Engine’s late-model mod-motor, Hemi, or LS type motor into your early vehicle to give it modern performance. We also specialize in EFI conversions, big brake upgrades and rack and pinion power steering modifications that can help turn your old rod into a modern performance machine. JBA can also create a custom exhaust for your vehicle, and modify or strengthen your chassis for increased stability, handling and safety.


When you want your classic to be correct, we use correct parts to replace worn pieces on your vehicle. From basic window regulators and gauge lights, to worn out engine and interiors; from fuel fans and cooling system repairs to problem brakes. Our technicians handle your classic with special care and help you maintain your unique ride. We can also perform resto-mods too. We can make the engine compartment glossy or matte, clean it up and detail you original Shelby or basic Chevelle or Corvette. Great suppliers like Year One, Classic Industries, Scott Drake keep our shelves stocked with high quality products.


When you need speed on the track, whether its autocross handling, Bonneville top speed, drag race 60-ft times or how many more “g’s” your car can take in a corner, we specialize in the parts and set-up tuning to help. Digital four-corner scales are used for balancing chassis bias and tuning suspensions. When it comes to racing engine power, we can add big boost from superchargers, install roller camshafts and multi-carburetors, program and install DFI and F.A.S.T fuel injection and management systems on your engine or one of our stroker combinations that can be as mild or wild as you need. Want to keep things light? We can also get you aluminum blocks and cylinder heads, apply dry or wet sump oiling systems or any engine combination your racing association and rules allow. Our expert craftsman can create a custom roll cage for your application, and our racing experts can fine-tune your suspension system so you’re ready to win at the track.





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