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“Originality, innovation, or a mass-produced crate engine? We won’t build it until you order it. This explains the popularity of our JBA AntiCrate program. Power engineered the way you want it and hand built for your application. No sitting under a heat lamp. . .just fresh horsepower!

~J. Bittle, President, JBA Performance Engines

What is JBA AntiCrate™

An AntiCrate™ engine is a custom engine that is specifically designed, built and tuned for your specific vehicle and application. While AntiCrate™ engines are made individually to your needs, crate engines are mass produced and built to be all the same. Your classic muscle car, has a totally different need than a full-size pickup. So how can one engine work on both? It doesn’t. When you look at the engine compartments of vehicles at a car show, it’s more than likely that a majority of them will have a crate engine. For many enthusiasts and racers it is the commonality of crate engines that some believe is defeating the uniqueness and individuality that is the essence of performance and hot rodding. Going against this commonality, is the essence of AntiCrate™.

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3 Stages to Choose From

JBA Performance Engines are built to your specific needs and performance levels that you want to achieve. They are available in various stages that define various performance levels using factory and/or a combination of aftermarket parts. JBA Performance Engines 3 stages

Stage I Stage II
Stage III Stage IV
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The JBA Performance Engines Design Team

At JBA, we believe a custom engine should be built like a custom hamburger. A McDonalds burger is assembled by people who are trained to make them as fast as possible... in the same way... every time. Chefs like Rachel Ray, create a burger by hand, chopping each onion, pickle, and adding a special blend of spices to the ground beef so that when you bite into it, it's like a kiss. Our team may not be as good looking as Rachel Ray, and they won't kiss you. But they do know engines better than anyone. With more than 30 years of experience, our team can blueprint, craft and combine the best components to create an engine that fits your particular application, make and model vehicle.

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Online JBA Performance Engine Engineering Worksheet

In an effort to provide you with the best fit for your project we need to understand what your goals are. Please take a few minutes to fill out our JBA Performance Engine Engineering Worksheet. This information will be reviewed by one of our engineering team specialists. They will contact you regarding your needs and follow up with information on a custom JBA Performance Engines that best suits your needs.

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Small block Chevrolet (SBC) with aluminum heads, a single four barrel carburetor and a dry sump oil system
331 cubic inch Ford stroker motor with aluminum heads, a single four barrel carburetor and aftermarket oil pan
Setting the valve lash in the JBA engine shop

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